Help Stop Tar Sands - Join the campaign in Portland Maine

The Concerned Citizens of South Portland, a local community group, just launched a citizens' initiative to protect their community from tar sands. This local, citizen-initiated ordinance could block the ExxonMobil tar sands project in South Portland, and would protect their community from proposed 70-foot smokestacks that would need to be built in order for  tar sands to be exported out of Casco Bay!

This group really needs your help!

To qualify their Waterfront Protection Ordinance for consideration on the November ballot in South Portland, they need to collect 1,400 signatures from South Portland residents before Monday, June 17th. That’s only two weeks away!

If you live in South Portland, please sign the petition. If you don’t live in South Portland, you can help to collect signatures—you don’t need to be a South Portland resident to collect signatures, so wherever you live, if you are concerned about the threat of tar sands in Maine, please consider volunteering for a few hours.

If you can volunteer to collect signatures, please let NRCM’s Todd Martin know by phone at (207) 430-0115 or via email at

South Portland is central to this tar sands fight since that’s where the pipeline ends and the tanker terminal is located. South Portland residents should have a say in all of this, since they are bearing much of the risk. New infrastructure would need to be constructed on the water in South Portland to accommodate tar sands, including 70-foot smokestacks that would emit toxic pollutants. The Waterfront Protection Ordinance safeguards the health and welfare of South Portland residents by preventing the building of the smokestacks that would spew toxic chemicals in to the air—and helps to stop this risky tar sands project.

Back on January 26th, nearly 1,500 people flooded the streets of Portland to speak out against ExxonMobil’s plan to pump toxic tar sands oil through the 63-year-old Portland-Montreal Pipeline. As the parade culminated on the Maine State Pier on that cold winter day, folks looked out across Casco Bay to South Portland to see the pipeline terminal where tar sands oil could one day be loaded on oil tankers.

Now we have an opportunity to stand up to Big Oil and its nasty tar sands and protect Maine. Please join us this weekend to help collect signatures to qualify this important ordinance for the November ballot in South Portland.

If you can volunteer to collect signatures any time between now and Monday, June 17th, the residents of South Portland would greatly appreciate it. Please contact Todd at (207) 430-0115 or if you can volunteer. Thank you!